Dem Live! In-house Training

Bigger billings don’t happen simply by being well- intentioned. You need training. Recruiters who are trained now on the latest techniques, just past a turbulent market, will become your office superstars!

In-House training sessions are tailored to your current needs, a mini-seminar, desk audit, mentoring, management growth strategies, or just a Q & A session where you tell Dem what your daily desk issues are.


Select your In-House Session from any of the following Programs.

Mini Seminars

Classroom style mini- seminar. A shot in the arm in a particular weak area or a current ‘hot’ topic in staffing. Marketing, Recruiting, Closing, Counter Offers, you pick the subject base on your needs.

Desk Audit

You let Dem walk around. He’ll ask questions, and interview everyone. He follows the paper/ E- trail. He finds out what changes you need to make. This “fresh eyes” approach works so well, most of his In- House clients have worked with him for a decade.

You get a written report based on findings.


Dem’s famous “Intensive Care”. You have a recruiter who used to perform well but is failing and losing confidence, a superstar who’s lost their way, a gifted rookie who hasn’t broken through yet, a marginal performer who needs to reach the next level.

Intensity Program

Dem is famous for his motivational seminars. SORRY, you’ll have to come motivated. No seminar this time. In fact, no lecture, no pre- packaged PowerPoint, Nothing you have heard. In fact there IS NO MATERIAL.


Here’s how it works:

You tell Dem what your Daily Desk Issues are!

He will take each issue, and yes, he will ad-lib, and yes, he will bring to bear his knowledge and freaky mind and his own experience. But YOU participate, with INTENSITY, and over the course of the session, we follow this structure:

For each issue we review the Conventional Wisdom and pound the basics in role play.

Then we ask honestly if the basics still work or if the market has changed and if we decide it has, we brainstorm new, daring and even crazy ways to do it better. (This is how Dem runs and how he has created many of the ground breaking methods you have learned from him).

Webinars on Demand

DEMsays Webinars are live recruiter training sessions, which take place in real-time and are streamed to your computer. You see Dems Power Point presentation on your screen, and listen to the verbal presentation through your PC.

Live Webcasts are the next best thing to having the trainer right there, but at a cost that makes attending hard to resist.

12 topics covered in 3 months.

New Recruiter Start-Up

The entire contemporary placement process.Your rookies will leave the program and while they will not be polished at what they do, we promise they will know a) exactly WHAT to do, b) HOW to do it, and c) WHY they should do it. They’ll be PUMPED!!

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